Transforming Consumer Product Tracking for Health and Beyond

Applications & Senarios



Ensure the authenticity and safety of pharmaceutical products, reducing the risk of counterfeit medications and enhancing patient well-being.

Consumers verify the authenticity of their prescribed medications, ensuring they receive genuine and safe pharmaceuticals.


Medical Devices

CertControl can be utilized to trace medical device components, ensuring product quality and compliance with industry regulations.

Healthcare providers trace the origins of medical device components to ensure product quality and patient safety.

Prescription Verification

Patient Safety

Healthcare providers and patients can use CertControl to verify patient prescriptions, ensuring that prescribed medications are genuine and safe. This prevents the risk of counterfeit medications entering the supply chain and supports patient well-being.

Product Verification

Skincare & Cosmetics

Consumers can use CertControl to verify the authenticity and safety of skincare products, ensuring that they are purchasing genuine and effective products for their skincare routines.

Progress Tracking

Anti-Aging Tracking

CertControl can be employed to track and verify the effectiveness of anti-aging treatments and products. Patients can access information about the origin, ingredients, and clinical results of these products, promoting confidence in their efficacy.

CertControl enhances transparency regarding their origin, clinical studies, and effectiveness. Patients can make data-driven decisions to address their anti-aging goals with confidence.

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