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Zhang YiFei

Grace of Grit

Grace of Grit

Digital Art - Optical grade acrylic print
Signed & blockchain protected
⌀ 76.2 cm (⌀ 30 in)

The journey of "Grace of Grit" unfolds in the somber hues of the canvas, symbolizing the hardships and trials faced on life's path. The initial strokes capture moments of struggle and the determination to persevere. It's as if the artist has painted the weight of adversity that many of us carry.

As one's gaze travels across the artwork, a transformation takes place. The canvas blossoms with vibrant, uplifting colors, revealing a fierce spirit. The bold strokes evoke the sense of grace emerging from the ashes of hardship. "Grace of Grit" represents the inner strength to overcome adversity and to do so with poise and elegance.

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