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James Seet

Parallel Universe I

Parallel Universe I

Year: 2012

Medium: Stoneware ceramic and wood

Dimensions: 76 x 71 x 76


In the heart of Fuping, China, I am delighted to share my artistic exploration through the series 'Parallel Universe,' now a permanent feature at the South East Asia Ceramic Museum. The sculptures, strategically placed atop mirrors, invite viewers into a mesmerizing dance between reality and reflection. The mirrored surfaces serve as portals to an alternate universe, creating a visually immersive experience that encourages contemplation of the interconnectedness of our existence. By integrating the reflective element, 'Parallel Universe' transforms the act of viewing into an interactive journey, challenging perceptions and fostering a deeper engagement with the intricate layers of cultural significance embedded within the artwork. I am honoured to contribute to the cultural tapestry of the South East Asia Ceramic Museum, as these pieces find their eternal home, inviting audiences to explore the limitless boundaries of imagination and cultural interconnectedness.

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In the quest for eternal change as an artist, I find it essential to tell stories, the dramas of life that may begin with something obscure to the infinite complexity that tickles the emotion. It’s a visual representation of a dialogue I am after, a theatrical performance to the eyes that behold!