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James Seet

Wobbly Sabi: Sabi no.10

Wobbly Sabi: Sabi no.10

Year: 2020

Medium: Stoneware ceramic and wood

Dimensions: 28 x 18 x 28


Wobbly Sabi

From young I was taught that perfection is a goal one must always strive to achieve. However, as I’ve journeyed through life as an artist, I've come to realise such an idealised interpretation of reality is both false, and ugly. True art is knowing when to let go, trusting a piece to 'perfect' itself. True beauty is flawed beauty.

In creating this ceramic series, I wanted the clay to ‘speak’ rather than me. I worked with it up to a point and then, let go, inviting it to shape itself to reveal a far more compelling aesthetic truth than I ever could. In so doing, I have come to see and appreciate the inherent wabi-sabiness of our natural world to a far deeper degree as I hope all who view my work will too.

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In the quest for eternal change as an artist, I find it essential to tell stories, the dramas of life that may begin with something obscure to the infinite complexity that tickles the emotion. It’s a visual representation of a dialogue I am after, a theatrical performance to the eyes that behold!