About us

KOODS enables anyone to adopt blockchain technology into their daily lives by making NFTs easy to Understand, Utilize and create. We empower the human race to adopt NFT technology into their daily lives by making it effortless, clear, and affordable.



What is KOODS?

KOODS is a software as a service that combines blockchain NFT technology with IPFS decentralized storage and unique real-world use case templates to create Permanent Digital Assets governed by NFTs ownership certificates

We enable users to create their own NFTs to protect, preserve and prove ownership of any physical and digital asset. 

KOODS NFTs are designed to be used primarily for Daily lifestyle, as NFTs for Creators, for Document Protection, Asset Preservation, and Fractionalized Ownership.

KOODS - NFTs for Daily Life

KOODS is not an NFT marketplace and unlike other minting services, when users create NFTs on KOODS their original files are not exposed to the general public, rather they are decentralized and stored on IPFS (Interplanetary file system) as unlockable content. Only verified owners of the NFT are privy to the original files. What is publicly viewable is just a verification certificate.

This means you can’t steal images by right-clicking and using ‘save-as’, that trick won’t work anymore! That bored ape you bought for 100 ETH really is yours, as you and only you can have access to the original working and high-resolution files once you have unlocked them. 

Time Capsule - Archival storage for Daily Life

KOODS expands on this thought process and uses Verified NFTs to govern “Time Capsules” our decentralized storage depositories. Using IPFS, users of KOODS Time Capsule can permanently archive files, up to 20GB in size, without any monthly charges or any intermediaries. Once the files are uploaded into a KOODS Time Capsule, it's decentralized, stored forever, and accessible from any location globally! Short a global nuclear war, uploaded files will remain stored indefinitely.

KOODS Wallet - NFT Wallets for Daily Life

With less than 1% of the global population owning a true Blockchain wallet (those who only use exchanges don’t count). KOODS makes the creation and adoption of wallets as easy as A.B.C.

Users creating a wallet will get the credentials securely deposited into their email with a 2FA verification for them to obtain their private keys once they log in. To combat the issue of misplaced private keys and 12-word seed phrases, we have developed wallet recovery protection, where wallet data is encrypted and locked on the blockchain and is cryptographically secure.

To facilitate mass adoption, KOODS also makes and deploys physical wallets with a 2FA secure back-links. This is ideal for corporate gifts and mass distribution for fast adoption, holders of KOODS physical wallets can receive NFTs without any digital device.

KOODS wallets are designed to facilitate daily life transactions and should be used as an everyday wallet. We do not recommend storing your life savings in any casual daily life wallet. 


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