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James Seet

Conversations with Rodin: Conversation No.6

Conversations with Rodin: Conversation No.6

Year: 2021

Medium: Stoneware ceramic

Dimensions: 26.5 x 49 x 26.5


Conversations with Rodin

I remember walking into Musée d'Orsay; I was especially drawn to certain sculptures. As I checked the labels, it was always a Rodin. I guess he “spoke” to me, as his sculptures are full of emotion and character, celebrating the natural beauty of the human form without pretence. Elemental to me was the link between thought and form. This epiphanic moment revealed to me that inner thought could be expressed in line, shape and human form. In this series, I am creating sculptures within this similar vein in ceramics, with the hope of forming a connection with the Master, and, in the process, having a conversation through a timeless sculptural dialog.

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In the quest for eternal change as an artist, I find it essential to tell stories, the dramas of life that may begin with something obscure to the infinite complexity that tickles the emotion. It’s a visual representation of a dialogue I am after, a theatrical performance to the eyes that behold!