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James Seet

Commissioned: Janus III

Commissioned: Janus III

Year: 2015

Medium: Stoneware ceramic

Dimensions: 36 x 34 x 29


"Janus III," curated by Ms. Chiang Shu-ling and exhibited at the prestigious Yingge Ceramics Museum in New Taipei City, Taiwan in 2015, is a testament to the timeless theme of transition and evolution. This sculptural masterpiece, inspired by the ancient Roman god Janus, explores the cyclical nature of time, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the past, present, and future. As an artist with roots deeply embedded in the diverse traditions of Malaysia and my Chinese lineage, "Janus III" serves as a cross-cultural dialogue, blending historical influences with contemporary expressions. The exhibition at the Yingge Ceramics Museum provides a platform for the convergence of artistic narratives and cultural perspectives. In this curated space, the piece invites viewers to contemplate the dynamic interplay between tradition and modernity within the context of ceramic art. "Janus III" transcends geographical boundaries, offering a visual and conceptual journey that sparks reflection on the fluidity of time and the enduring relevance of ceramics as a medium for artistic expression.

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In the quest for eternal change as an artist, I find it essential to tell stories, the dramas of life that may begin with something obscure to the infinite complexity that tickles the emotion. It’s a visual representation of a dialogue I am after, a theatrical performance to the eyes that behold!