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James Seet

Memories II

Memories II

Year: 2007

Medium: Stoneware ceramic

Dimensions: 27 x 36 x 22


The "Memories : A Solo Exhibition" at The BackRoom 2019. A collection that encapsulates the essence of life's fleeting moments in an installation and 4 art pieces. In the delicate dance between form and emotion, each piece tells a unique story, a snapshot of the memories we create along our journey. Some pieces exude joy, capturing the vibrant hues of celebration, while others embody the quiet reflection of moments that bid farewell. Life unfolds through the tactile nature of clay, inviting viewers to trace the contours of their own experiences. This exhibition serves as a poignant reflection on the transient nature of memories, marking the end of one chapter while opening the door to the unwritten narratives that lie ahead. Just as clay moulds and transforms, so do our recollections, shaping the beauty and complexity of our existence. This is the exploration of memories, where each creation serves as a vessel for the stories that linger, the tales we release, and the anticipation of new memories yet to be formed.

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In the quest for eternal change as an artist, I find it essential to tell stories, the dramas of life that may begin with something obscure to the infinite complexity that tickles the emotion. It’s a visual representation of a dialogue I am after, a theatrical performance to the eyes that behold!