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Zhang YiFei

Twin Self

Twin Self

Digital Art - Optical grade acrylic print
Signed & blockchain protected
154.9 cm x 101.6 cm (61 in x 40 in)

"Twin Self" is a captivating masterpiece by Zhang YiFei, evoking a profound exploration of the human psyche. This striking painting encapsulates the duality within us all, portraying the inner struggle between contrasting facets of identity. Through a harmonious blend of contrasting shades, hues, and colors, this artwork visually narrates the ongoing battle for dominance between the personas we present to the world and the ones we keep hidden within. It invites viewers to ponder the eternal question: which side will ultimately prevail – the leader, the breadwinner, and the provider, or the spouse, the daughter, and the mother? "Twin Self" challenges the audience to reflect on their own dual nature and the ever-evolving equilibrium between inner grace and outer machismo.

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